Rohingya Amicus Briefs

The following are filings related to the amicus briefs for the ICC case on Rohingya Jurisdiction. 

Author  Title  Date of Filing 
Global Rights Compliance  Submissions on Behalf of the Victims Pursuant to Article 19(3) of the Statute  30 May 2018 
Legal Representatives of Victims  Observations on Behalf of Victims from Tula-Toli  18 June 2018 
Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice; Naripokkho; Ms. Sara Hossain; and European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights  Joint Observations Pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules  18 June 2018 
Members of the Canadian Partnership for International Justice  Amicus Curiae Observations on the “Prosecution’s Request for a Ruling on Jurisdiction under Article 19(3) of the Statute”  18 June 2018 
International Commission of Jurists  Amicus Curiae Observations by the International Commission of Jurists (pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules)  18 June 2018 
Bangladesh Non-Governmental Representatives  Amicus Curiae Observations by the Bangladeshi Non-Governmental Representative (pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules)   18 June 2018 
Guerica 37 International Justice Chambers  Amicus Curiae Observations by Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers (pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules)  18 June 2018 
Office of the Prosecutor  


Prosecution Response to Observations by Intervening Participants  


11 July 2018